!ENOUGH! (Re-post)

Alicia Renee Polston-Shipe


January 23, 2019

One thing that my personal “true blues” know about me is I will never hesitate to cut someone away from me that I feel I can’t trust. They have either seen it, been victim to it, or have heard the raw emotions in my voice when I have come to them for comforting or consoling. Another thing my “true blues” know about me is if I have it, I have no problem sharing with those around me. Some also know how much fun I can be. Somehow some have gotten the impression that I would go hungry to please another person. Y’all can let that go. Never has been true and never will. In the past I have given too much of my being and been crushed in the process [on-going tragedy of my existence]. I have also spoken out of line, out of turn, enthusiastically, sarcastically, and whatever else. It is what is and it will BE whatever it’s called to BE. My circle is extremely eclectic and I love each of them [though through age it narrows]. I have peeps that are white, brown, Filipino, African-American (since y’all want to be “politically correct” (what an oxy-“MORON”), republican, democrat, don’t care, depressed, anxious, ADHD, and every other label anyone chooses. Here’s the point. I disagree with each and every one of them on a regular basis and we tend to get along fine. The ones that I don’t, I ignore or 👏🏾 clap 👏🏾 back (work in progress). Simple as that.

There are some things that need to be said. God has chosen this time for a wide group to say them again. Yes, again. Learn the history. Some of y’all lived through it. Hmmm…wonder what God’s gonna do next?

Hear The Call
Alicia R. Shipe

We know who we are
The question is do you?
We are rising and uniting
We are many; we are few
Most are marrying one another out of love not spite
We are having babies that are international
Called to rule in day and through the nights
We know our footsteps. Do you?

Every leader before
Every child after
Your division is at an end
Let’s call it your natural disaster
Wherever we will, we roam
We heave up the anchors
To sail the course home
Little birds fly up and down the chains
To He Who heals our souls

That one just came forth in this moment. Here is what I was given to share today from before.

The Land
Alicia R. Shipe – August 10, 2014

An eagle perches on the main pyramid of Giza
Shouting, “Let God’s people go!”
But the powers refuse to heed God’s word
So destruction they will soon know
However, God Almighty is full of mercy
And does not desire that any should perish
He calls for all hearts to be turned back to Him
So turn quickly and run, run, run
For those that seek Him early shall find Him

I Began To Cry
Alicia R. Shipe – January 20, 2015

I am broken
I fell upon the Rock
When I fell to my knees
Time began to stop
Then I began to cry
I cried so much
I wondered if any more tears
Could fall from these eyes
And then I began to cry
I sat and wondered
If they ever cry
I wondered if they deserved You
Then I remembered
Neither did I
I cried out this heartache
Of the darts thrown against me
How You must have felt everyday
Now I begin to see
From frustration to elation
From broken to restored
From annihilation to desperation
From seeing myself to seeing You more
Now when I feel this pain
It’s not my own, I realize
It’s the suffering of Your loved ones
Then I begin to cry

I fully understand that no person on earth or under it is Jesus (Yeshua). I understand that He lives within any person that believes in Him. I believe that wherever/however/whenever two or more are gathered IN HIS NAME, He IS there in the “midst” of them. I believe He meets us wherever we are each and EVERY time and He does the work in us from the inside out. This is where I AM! No artist is God Almighty but God Almighty has always used the unbelievable to show His ways are not our ways so we can surrender all of us to Him. Once we surrender all, whom should we fear? No man. Only God. Keep moving even if it’s just a crawl! Always towards the King; the lover of our souls! He always sees us. Always stronger together. Let the music play!

-Alicia R. Shipe-

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