Promotional Video (Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite)

View my promo vid under the sales tab in the menu for a republished edition of my book Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite: One Account of God’s Grace. There are also links to purchase both of my books (described below) as well as one of my videos. Selah.

Living in the span of time we currently dwell isn’t easy; especially with all the data being thrown at us as well as data being ‘lost’. We are losing our identity moment by moment. Allow this book to take your thoughts on a journey through a portion of my persona. Here is a synopsis written by my publisher, Folio Ave. God bless them. I didn’t make it easy for them.

Alicia R. Shipe Shares to Her Readers A Fervent Journal That Testifies God’s Love to His Children Through Her New Vibrant Book

The world conveys immense mystery brimming with happiness, heartaches, laughter, joy, and anger. The list goes on, and no mortal being has ever deciphered its infinite enigma. Though it throws one into seemingly impossible challenges, the very labyrinth that one faces inexplicably gifts the challenger of life’s answer that’ll help them solve its puzzles. This very answer is sought from the Holy Scriptures, authored by the Holy Spirit. In Alicia R. Shipe’s magnificent book entitled, “Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite,” a mirror is held into every reader’s eyes that unravels their many life experiences, and how to deal with its problems through the book gifted by God.

Everything takes time. Author Alicia Shipe iterates the essence of time and how this marvelous entity will always be one’s friend once comprehended thoroughly. When everything disappears in life, all that is left is time to realize the love that burns inside, to appreciate the clouds in the sky, and to dry the tears from one’s eyes. The painful tragedy of life lies deep in every person, and time has the only power to heal it. Though no one is cognizant of their final destination, when one controls over their soul with great determination, they will forever leave a mark in their hearts that Everything takes time. With the incorporation of scriptures and its parallelism to every problem one has ever dealt with, Alicia’s talent of engaging to her readers and relaying to them the message that God wills to send is made possible through her spiritually-awakening book told in journal entries.

“Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite” does not only addresses how to get rid of bedbugs but metaphorically pens about life’s problems and it’s basic-how-tos told through the helpful wisdom rooted from the bible.

Written in a wholesome and vibrant tone, this book shares the heartfelt feelings from the author that genuinely relates to the readers’ dilemma. A friend disguised as a book, one should never miss this profound blessing that magnifies the true meaning of God’s love and His gift of time.

‘Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite’ book copies are available at

Writer: Alicia R. Shipe

About the Author

Alicia Polston Shipe is the author of She desires to inspire others with her creative gift and invites individuals to go into the higher depths of creativity, relationship, and understanding with the Holy Trinity. With her work, she motivates others to be what God created them to become, and understand their place, thus enlightening a life lived towards eternity.

“Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite,” and “Lisha’s Aleph-Beit Artwork,” are all splendidly written by her to accompany readers in their journey towards developing a deeper relationship with God.”


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