“A Revolution-Full”: ARS

Sometimes words need to be repeated just for them to fully set in. A prophet often has to repeat and reiterate her words, not to be noticed herself but to make known what Holy Spirit is trying to warn the masses of. Ignoring a prophet is one thing but ignoring the office of the prophet, even the individuals affected with the cursings of the gift, is beyond a shame to the Word of God-Jesus The Christ via The Spirit of The Living God. Too many times The Lord has me give written words to those who lack discernment. It becomes and became frustrating and tedious. What is happening in our worlds is not new under the sun. I have heard others say it and I have felt it myself for years that this shift is one we cannot sweep under the mat (pun intended for the following). The pain is more than real along with the upheaval in personal lives before even COVID-19 came through. Pray for your girl because the time is more than now. It is the culmination and cultivation of the harvest of the Angelic Realm Through Times and generations (start a deeper study of  Daniel). God finished speaking when all religious Holy books were completed.  How can we be fruitful when so many are dead inside? How can we multiply when so-called leaders (speaking of Church leaders, especially here in Northern Virginia) continue to try and keep God in a box for their personal gains and nepotism? The fires were ignited too many millennia ago when God said “Let there be light.” We cannot afford to be silenced but He will allow us to be silent just to keep His inheritance secure. He is opening a new telecom path for those that have been tested and tried to see who can, who will, and who is able to stand and become understanding. Some need to step down. Some need to stand firm. Some need to alter thought patterns. What wilderness does God have you standing, walking, or sitting in? We cannot stand until we begin to learn when and how to deliver.

“The Bride (Tried by Fire and Bound by God’s Love)”-Alicia R. Shipe

Originally written 01/26/2017

[This is written as is with only a few grammatical corrections]

It is interesting to me what my last entry was. The Lord began telling me yesterday or the day before that we, the Body of Christ, are about to enter a season of servanthood. I opened my journal to write about the dream God gave me last night and saw my entry from a church service. The message that day was “Servant Songs” and it was about the sufferings of Jesus Christ. I felt it important to make note of. Now, to my dream and its introduction. 

Last night, before sleep, I typed what I have written so far for  possible book God gave me titled The Dwelling Place of God. I have not written for this book in a long while because I have not yet received revelation or understanding on the next section of the book. The next section is to be about the cherubim woven into the ten curtains of the inside of the tent for the Tabernacle of Moses. My thoughts were centered around this before I fell asleep. When I awoke this morning, I had the thought that I was given an answer to what the woven cherubim mean in my dream. Then I began to remember my dream. On the surface, it doesn’t seem my dream has anything to do with this subject but on a deeper level it might. What I do know is this dream contains future ‘marching orders’ for me from the Lord. The feeling contained in the dream, which I sense even as I remember it, is a sense of duty (that’s the only way I can describe it). I am titling this dream:

Dutiful Daughter Dream

The first part of my dream began with me in a cafeteria type setting with hundreds of other people. I don’t know why we were all there but I feel we were there waiting on something [ ; ] to pass outside. Someone had a portable radio and turned it on after there was nothing but silence. I remember a majority of us were wearing maroon (dark red) clothing.

On the radio came three consecutive tragic news reports about multitudes of people being murdered. There were 3 Incidents of big numbers of people being murdered. After the reports, the deep silence came again. Then I started clapping loudly and began worshipping and praising the Lord for His Authority to FALL. I stopped because I felt out of line. Then, someone else did the same thing and I began again. [ ; ]

. . . 

I felt so free that I moved to the middle of the room and began dancing. There was a Christian band that was playing. This band was Christian but was a cross-over group because their sound was more “pop”. I don’t know who this band is in the natural. One of the members pointed me out as I was freely worshipping through dancing and singing. He called me up to the stage and I went. I wasn’t able to be as free because the stage was small. I even said so to him in the dream. My friend, April, came to tell the band it was time to go. In the dream, she was their time keeper to make sure they stayed on track. They all wanted me to come with them but she said it wasn’t the right time for them and it wasn’t the right environment for me. When we questioned her she took them to where they were going and told me to come also. They ended up in a bathroom, where they became very loud and playful before walking through a mirror. All she said to me was, “See? Not where you belong.” I sense she was meaning there was somewhere else I was supposed to be and this wasn’t it. Then she walked through the mirror and disappeared also.

The stage being so small that I couldn’t move freely without almost falling off is one key component along with timing. The next parts of this dream had the same theme as the previous part; me trying to be some where and with people away from where God wants me to be. None of the people in this dream were wicked or doing wicked things. Everyone was doing what they felt they were supposed to be doing. My position was to be different but I kept trying to help others outside of my place/call.

In the second part of the dream, there were people putting up tents and laying down floor pads to cover the wet ground. The area was like a parking lot with a sidewalk near it. Two people had put a red square floor mat on the sidewalk I was walking on. I walked right on it and they said I couldn’t do that. I explained how I was trying to avoid a puddle on the sidewalk and there was nowhere else to walk. They said I was messing it up with my shoes. I knelt down and crawled across the mat. The people went back to putting up tents. When I asked if I could help, I was ignored. It wasn’t an offensive act, they just could not see me anymore. This is because God was moving me somewhere else. I ended up in a desert setting. There was no foliage; no green/life of any kind. It was just dry, hard ground yet it was still a beautiful setting.

I tried to go back to where the people were setting up the tents. There were stone steps. Every step I tried to climb, it would supernaturally slide from under me so I could not go to where I was trying to go. There was an unseen force moving me back to the desert. It was not a dark or evil force. I knew the desert/wilderness was where God wanted me to be. The next part of the dream reiterated this.

I was dressed in a baseball uniform and walked up some stairs to look for a baseball. There was a bucket full of brand new baseballs. I tried to get one but had to put it back. I don’t know exactly. I had to put it back. I only know that I wasn’t able to use any of them. The area was heavily shaded like a baseball dug-out but was larger than a typical dug-out. The entire area was about the size of a small cabin but designed like a dug-out. There were others around me also dressed in baseball outfits. Just as the other parts of this dream, I felt out of place. I was in a place I wasn’t supposed to be. (I don’t know why baseball because I am not a huge fan of baseball but my husband and children are.)

The last part of the dream is to tie all the parts together. I was in an area that seemed like a dense forest. What I mean is there were a lot of trees (totally opposite of the desert/wilderness). I was standing on a bridge looking down at a stream/lake. Above me was a canopy of trees. As I looked down and to one side, there was water flowing down, went to a bend, and emptied into a bigger body of water (a stream into a lake). The stream was like a waterfall but it was water flowing over steps (I’m starting to see another theme-stairs). There were fish swimming through this stream into the lake. The water wasn’t crystal blue but it was clear. I could see to the bottom and see the rocks and stuff at the bottom. There were no toxins or anything harmful in the water. This is important because I saw a few dead fish in the water flowing over stairs. I also saw the live fish swimming and jumping joyfully through the stream and in the lake. I did not see any dead fish in the lake part.

An image of a man walked toward me while I was watching all this. He stood next to me and we were both leaning on the bridge just watching the fish. I believe we had a conversation about something but I don’t know what. I felt that I knew this person personally but there was nothing I recognized. He seemed like a very close friend that I trusted. Us standing on the bridge watching the fish swim and jump joyfully in the lake is the last image I remember.

I have not been writing my dreams because what I have been dreaming lately does not need to be written out. I felt the Lord really wanted me to write this one out because of what He is trying to tell me through it.

The surface message is clear and received. He is calling me into a deep season of aloneness with Him (intimacy as well as instruction). The other thing is to not try and do what others are doing because that is not my place or my call. Recurring images throughout the parts of this dream are:

-the color red

-steps/stair cases

-sun and shade

-reflective surfaces (mirror and water)


Talking to one of my mentors about this dream, the following things also came up.

-God is calling me into a time of prayer and intercession.

-Isolation cannot exist, even when God orchestrates it, without praise, worship, and prayer

-Water, in the Bible, is often representative of the multitudes. This is also what the joyful fish in the lake symbolize. The few dead fish are those that remain in the old rancid oil (old anointing).

-The dream gave me points to pray for (like the dead fish).

-The small stage also symbolizes things of old that the Body is trying to hold onto (including things of man-made theology).

My mentor admonished me to go through the story of Moses. Other things that came up in our conversation was a movie to watch that has been highlighted by Holy Spirit in the past couple of days and the teachings of an individual that has come up numerous times over the past two years.

With all this, onward I go. I stand where I am called to stand, taking in all God’s goodness.

~Alicia R. Shipe~

February 25, 0656 EST

Just as with the multiple and multitudes of other prophecies given to me, I am still unpacking this. Too many times we are taught to not say anything until we are sure. Utter bullshit and I realize it now. Mistakes create perfection. Perfection perfects mistakes. We have become so used to being told what to do that we have forgotten the greatest gift given to humans, reasoning. This means learning how to become what we are destined to be through our merits, passions, and processes. How we are determines where and who we become. My love to this community for inspiration and my love to the Holy Trinity for sparing my life through the many ways I have undermined it and it has been undermined by others (still is). 

Prepare (copyright): ARS
“Joan of Arc” in mind
Colored Pencils


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