Is It A New Day?

Just Me

Yes, I am all woman. Yes, I am African-American. Yes, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha’Meshiach) and Daughter of Jehovah (YHWH). Yes, I am a mother of two bi-racial (by DNA: multi-racial) boys. Yes, I am androgynous looking to the point where I have been asked if I am a boy or a girl  multiple times through my almost 42 years of existence. Yes, I am heterosexual. Yes, I can be loud yet deathly quiet at the same time. Yes, my extended family that raised me and my multitude of Aunts, Uncles, and cousins have different skin tones. Yes, that same extended family has generations of interracial relationships resulting in my family being beautiful in more ways than one. Yes, my language is beyond human to include both dark and light; one cannot exist without the other. Yes, I read the Jewish Bible while gaining understanding. Yes, I read the Greek Bible while gaining knowledge. Yes, I have been diagnosed with a Mental Health Illness. Yes, I stand firm on the right for Cannabis to be legalized recreationally. No, I do not condone murder but have no recourse except to accept it in certain forms because it is a part of our human history. Yes, I support our military Men and Women. Yes, I am a warrior of  magnanimous proportions. Yes, bullying is much more than physical and I know what that is like. Yes, I have had conversations with those close that don’t acknowledge their racist tendencies. Yes, I am prejudice because I have eyeballs that work.


Because I am able to breathe.


Because I am able to stand.


Because the House our top leader resides in every 4-8 years was built by my ancestors.

Dr. King’s dream has not been fulfilled yet. Homelessness still abounds. Housing inequality still exists. Our pre-judgments do not necessarily have to be our final thoughts about a person, group, incident, or situation.

Yes, I am blessed but it does not negate that too many in this “…land of the free and home of the brave…” cannot even get a good meal without some questioning their need to be needy. The need to be beautiful and seen as such shouldn’t be our fight on the frontline. Yes, I judge myself almost daily just to keep myself calm by outward appearances. Beautiful is beautiful. We are in this together. I may not understand another’s lifestyle but that doesn’t mean I won’t stand with them the same as they would stand with me. Abuse crosses color, gender, age, and national barriers. Harassment is harassment regardless of who is on the negative end of the baton or unwanted sexual advancements.

Before you can begin to judge, you must learn and know what it is to be judged by those you thought you could trust. When they say trust no one, it’s not a joke. We will all be judged by our Creator. Make it a shorter line. Judge yourself to come and understand how to judge another by what they hold inside. By the judgments you judge another, you shall be judged.

Death is but the beginning; Life has no end. One spark ignites a whole consuming fire.

-Alicia R. Shipe-


Can We Drop the Load? Renewal

I originally wrote this in July of 2018. It is more than self-evident that (yet again) our worlds have been changed and shattered. I cannot even begin to comprehend the time shift dynamics with what has transpired in all arenas since this writing. This is a re-post that was placed in my inner man to send through again without the fast occurring in this time. May we all begin in our understanding to come to a beginning in our wisdom.

Can We Drop the Load?

“Uni-Majestic Horse #1 v. 2”: Colored Pencils: Alicia R. Shipe

July 16, 2018

I can honestly say that getting my thoughts together for this particular writing has been a difficult process. Before I explain some of the details I want to give you readers the “what” of it first.

In a little more than 24 hours from the posting of this I will be beginning a spiritual fast. The main goal of this fast is to declutter myself and my environment. There is too much junk (physically, naturally, ethereally, metaphysically, emotionally, mentally, worldly, politically, etc.) and I am desperate to have the Lord help me release it all. For the next two weeks I will be fasting from all social media outlets as well as non-emergency phone calls. There are exceptions to this and there are those that I have already spoken to regarding the exceptions. My writings will be pen-and-paper through this process. 

Some close to me may be thinking how is this different than the past few months which you did not publicly declare? This time is the actualization of the preparation that has been occurring in the past few months. I am making this time public because I am following direct spiritual orders. On to the other questions like the “why” “how” and “whens”.

Why: I am coming out of a deep dark pit and a wilderness (imagine the two together). It has not been fun the places I have been in the past three years but it has been a growth spurt spiritually speaking. As I am coming into an oasis, there is a multi-faceted magnitude of information that has been downloaded onto my mainframe but not yet sorted through and processed. Without the proper information in the correct spaces, knowledge and understanding just become faux intelligence and rhetoric. Which, Ladies and Gentlemen, is exactly where most of our current worlds exist. That place is not where we are supposed to operate from. I asked ABBA Father to help me learn and understand who I am in relation to who He created me to be. I want to be able to stand tall and true for Him always as well as see clearly through the muck to find others who are lost. There is sooooooo much information He has already shown me but it’s been a hard process because I also have years of what others think I’m supposed to be or act (my own self but also from the millennia, centuries, and decades of mis-information being passed down and swallowed by the masses in every way including through the Body of Christ which we all have taken in one way or another).

I am taking this time to really get to know Who the Holy Trinity is and how He communicates with me. I have noticed the way He speaks with me is changing because our relationship is growing and it is time for me to sit, listen, and learn.

The “Whens”: Back in May Holy Spirit started amping up His talk to me about this social media fast. I understood right away but He kept telling me that I needed understanding. I didn’t get it but then I did. “LACK OF EMOTIONAL CONTROL!” Yup. I heard it loud and clear. Before May, We (“We” is the collective of the Holy Trinity-Father, Son, Holy Spirit-and myself co-laboring/communicating) put some things in place because We worked on it and had the realization that this was the next step in my spiritual growth to get me to where I need to be. Now it is time to not remove the emotions (because every emotion has a purpose) but to understand each emotion’s root/branch system, function/purpose, and how to properly use/weild them. Nothing triggers me more than idiocracy (from myself as well as from others). Let me define “idiocracy” my way to you. I don’t know if it’s a real word because I don’t care; it’s real to me. 

‘Idiocracy’ is hearing the same warning from various people that have no true interactions with one another and shoveling it away like it’s a pile of horse crap only to hear the exact thing from someone you respect because they hold a powerful place or name and taking it in right away. 🤔 

‘Idiocracy’ is being angry at someone for acting like a baby and using tantrum like language only to turn around and do the exact same thing towards that individual. 🤔 

‘Idiocracy’ is using the exact argument another had to your point against them and their point. 🤔

Need an example? Pay attention to how you “clap-back” towards someone who supports Trump/Obama (whichever you choose). A lot of us are using the exact same points but just for whichever we support.

‘Idiocracy’ is complaining the entire time a President is in office who was voted in on his vision for hope and change for a group that thought they were forgotten only to have another President do or already has done the exact same thing but just for a different group of people and complaining about how the first group are complaining (this goes for both groups on the extreme sides). I just don’t get that one. 🤔🙄

‘Idiocracy’ is having overbearing laws in place for things that have been proven to help just about everything only to have other things replace it which has now led to and has become a family-wide, school-wide, neighborhood-wide, city-wide, nation-wide, and world-wide epidemic. 🤔 [Did I say I was going to hold my tongue? No.] 

‘Idiocracy’ is blaming a group of people for the interpretation of the laws of the land that they didn’t make but have been shouting from the rooftops that the system is broken only to come to see yourself how broken the system truly is but only because it is NOW affecting you. 🤔 🙄👁

‘Idiocracy’ is not having or not knowing your own convictions but waiting for someone to come along and tell you what they are. 🤔 

‘Idiocracy’ is not listening to different opinions other than your own. If you want to talk, you have to be willing to listen.👁

‘Idiocracy’ is claiming you are for a nation because of God but treating individuals with that heritage as if they are ungodly when the Bible clearly states they are His chosen people (I’m talking about anti-semitic attitudes and anti-Middle Eastern attitudes {Isaac AND Ishmael} mainly but others are obviously implied).🤔👁

‘Idiocracy’ is going through being targets of racism, fascism, prejudices, oppression, etc. only to turn around and do the exact same things to other groups but lacking the wisdom or compassion to work things out in love so the balances can be set instead of tipping things farther into confusion and more hate. 🤔🏳️‍🌈✝️🕎✡️☯️💖☮️

I am guilty of everyone of those charges in one way or another and We (my collective) are choosing to get back to The Garden with the full knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that my debts (past, present, and future) have been paid and to get to the heart of it all. The walls protecting the (ass)inine {correct spelling is asinine but I like my way better because it goes straight to the point} and double-standards need to come down. I can’t call it forth around me if I don’t first do the same within me.

For the next two weeks We will be working on a multitude of things but none more necesssary then “what is in Alicia’s heart”; living from the inside out. What I know is in my heart is to see people free to choose exactly what it is they want but with full knowledge of all sides. I have heard a prophetic word spoken over me twice in the last month-and-a-half. That word has been “Changer”. Both times were completely different venues and completely different groups. The first was that I will be a “catalyst for change”; the second was that I will be a “world-changer through my private prayer time”. Us as a people cannot change things without a plan. A plan cannot begin to be formulated if we don’t know or understand the bigger picture of what it is we are fighting for. The plan cannot come to fruition if the different tribes don’t have either common or neutral ground for negotiations.

With anything spiritual of this magnitude, you become extremely open and therefore vulnerable. So there will be a slow re-introduction after this timing.

How: During this time period I will be focusing my energies on hearing the voice of the Lord, trusting the Lord, and being obedient to the Lord above EVERYTHING else (meaning above family, friends, politics, self, etc.). “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” (Proverbs 9:10). This Bible passage is where I begin. 

I believe in the natural realm, the supernatural realm (and all it entails), and the metaphysical realm (and all it entails). I just don’t know how they all work together which is what I will also be exploring. Everything that exists has a purpose one way or another. Every organism that has a purpose has a language of sorts. I choose to desire to know and understand the languages but hear God’s voice and my own above the others. 

Unity is what I am seeking, what I desire, and what I choose. To get there I must first learn to trust Holy Spirit above all else (Psalm 37:4). That comes through reading the Word because “…knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”.

Here’s a side note: Why did Jesus say we can say anything offensive about Him and it will be forgiven but not anything against Holy Spirit? Every time any signs of miracles have happened it is attributed to the Power of the Holy Spirit. Back to basics, folks. So I will be researching and going to a deeper level in God’s Word.

Another of my goals was written perfectly by a man I went to college with and have been following on Facebook. His name is Carlton Mack. This morning, as I was planning/preparing for the final preparations before tomorrow night, I saw this on my newsfeed written and posted by him:

Expectations are the root of all heartache! If you are increasingly becoming more and more frustrated, mad, & angry with other people because they aren’t meeting your expectations, you are directing those emotions and energy to the wrong place. It should be directed towards yourself! That’s right, YOU. People aren’t obligated to live up to our expectations, they are only required to do their best. If we haven’t figured out how to set expectations for individuals to the level of their capacity, then we have no one to blame for our pain and struggles but self. People are of infinite complexity and we can’t always understand them, but we can certainly protect ourselves by detaching from our expectations. 

-Carlton Mack-

I have had soooo many thoughts and stops in regards to what to say if anything to let people know of this fast. Again, it’s been a difficult process getting my thoughts together. Holy Spirit immediately grabbed me when I read this post and brought back that We will be working on our expectation meter on both sides. We should know how much weight we are able to carry in any given season as well as know how those close to us can carry and bear weight. Instead, we all (believers included) place high expectations on other people to fill things they were never designed to fill and carry things they were never meant to carry for us. Same goes for ourselves. We either carry more than we are supposed to or able to carry, or we don’t carry enough because we are lazy or believe we are weaker than we actually are. Here’s another way to put it. Our best friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse was never designed to be our mother/father. However, just as hate breeds hate and love breeds love; brokenness begets brokenness. We are a broken people in every possible way (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, racially, nationally, genetically, etc.). We have the tools to work on what is broken, strengthen it, and use it better than before. We continue to choose to place the load (i.e. our expectations) on other people for whatever reasons. You can’t expect me to give your car a tune-up when I don’t have the knowledge or the experience to do that. I also can’t teach you how to fix it yourself because I don’t have the knowledge or experience. I can help you research where to go to get the information but only if my time, energy, and interests allow for it. Get it?

You can come up with other examples but the point remains we transfer emotions, desires, expectations, etc. to help ourselves become whole out of fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, etc. Self-preservation is a human quality placed in us by our Creator. It was there from the beginning. You don’t have to believe me. Just read the account of Adam, Eve, and the serpent again; self-preservation from all three (but God…). 

Conclusion: The Bible has many themes but the three I personally see are choice, love, and war. I am choosing to be wherever God wants me to be. It wasn’t easy making that choice and My God knows and understands that because He (and only He) knows exactly what is my heart. It is now time for me to also know what is in my own heart as we all should. 

I have ranted on and on because I choose to be vulnerable in this moment. That means showing the many sides that make THIS one individual named Alicia who is a Sagittarius (weapon is bow and arrow), a Horse by the Chinese Zodiak (many implications there), a dreadlocked Disciple of Jesus Christ, child/creation of God, Creator of the Universe and beyond, friend and follower of Holy Spirit, Bohemian style by default, painting my own world by the designs given from Heaven, African-American Woman! 🦄🇺🇸🔥👁

None of this will be easy but it will be worth it when I am able to take my proper rank in the Army of God for the advancement of His Kingdom. I am part of the Bride of Christ and thusly part of the King’s Queen as I AM part of the Body of Christ (the two shall become One). Can’t be a part of the One if we are on the outside of it doing our own thing. 💍👑

So…can we drop the load? Can we (collectively as The Body of Christ) drop and move away from the real piles of crap and begin to stop treating gems and treasures like they are bull manure?💎 I know I am choosing to do so. I don’t know what it will look like but I know it will be hard work. 

-Alicia R. Shipe-