Breaking Brokenness

I started this painting when the riots were happening in Baltimore in the spring of 2015. The title is a play on words. Many of us are simply broken vessels that need and require healing to become complete. That brokenness when unchecked develops into other things such as anger, hatred, addiction, lust, etc. The first play on this title is breaking the brokenness within us so the healing process can begin and we become more like Christ. The other play on this title is similar to a fractured bone. Sometimes, if a bone is fractured beyond repair, it must be completely broken in order to heal properly. This can happen with us spiritually and emotionally. It may sometimes be necessary for us to become broken in order to deny our fleshly ways and focus on the Lord.

(To view the progression of this piece click here.)

Breaking Brokenness Colored Pencils: 12x9: ARS

Breaking Brokenness
Colored Pencils: 12×9: ARS

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