In the Hands of Jesus

The lotus flower is used as a symbol of many religions. I believe the Lord gave me this piece to paint to show the world that He and He alone is in control. He is the Great Creator of all things. I became fascinated as I began to research the lotus plant. The life cycle and attributes of the lotus flower can be viewed as similar to our human lives before and after being placed in the hands of Jesus. Click the following link to read information about the lotus flower:

This piece is watercolor enhanced with colored pencils. There is an extra finger painted on one of the hands. It was a mistake but mistakes in art can make a piece very special. I didn’t dare try to fix it.

Remember, God alone is The One True God who loves us all and takes what seems like nothing and makes it into something beautiful and wonderful (as He does with us when we allow Him to).

In the Hands of Jesus Mixed Media: 12x9: ARS

In the Hands of Jesus
Mixed Media: 12×9: ARS

What are your thoughts?

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