Ask to Seek to See the Sea

(an example of why patience is necessary)

“Sunset On Glass”: ARS
Words Over Art

The above poem was written during my high school years. It was written as an American Literature assignment in my senior year. This class was where my confidence in my writing began due to some experiences from my writings (which by the way redeemed a few previous times with my writings in high school in which the exact opposite took place). The words read:

Sunset On Glass
Written by Alicia R. Shipe in high school

A rose is in a vase
A kiss is on it’s face
The kiss is soft and kind
Beauty blows your mind

True beauty’s hard to see
When it’s in our society
When beauty has finally passed
Sunset is on a glass

Destruction’s all that’s known
The world is all alone
The beauty will remain
In a case and stained

Nature’s lovely: Adore
Giving life so much more
Than what we take and steal
Like beggars at a meal

Creation’s hard to spy
Unless you view from high
Like sunset on a glass
Painted our way last


This was written between 1995-1996. I was not anywhere near desiring the Lord but I have been seeking truth since an extremely early age.

The digital art piece that sets as the background in the image was created in 2016 during many seasons of me re-discovering my creativity thus my imagination. It is titled “Sun Set Motion”.

There is one more part I choose to share:

[from my personal journal entries]
Entry 01-22-2009

Before bed I read Romans 1-4 and Genesis 42-47. I prayed for forgiveness of my disbelief because I was anxious about my bank account and how I’m going to come up with $1,550 by February 1st. I was reminded that I must live by faith and everything works out for the greater good. As soon as I laid my head on the pillow I was reflecting on the story of Joseph.

I was taken to a crystal city that sat above the clouds. Everything had a green tint. There was an enormous bird that was flying above it. As soon as the bird started flying, soldiers or warriors were released down a chute and out of a door. It was like an elevator but much more advanced than an elevator. I was told that more soldiers were needed but there were not enough trainers. Because of my disobedience in waking up then and writing it down, much of the vision was lost. It was 1:15 am when the vision was over and I laid my head down @ around 12:30 am. . . .

Entry 01-25-2009

While reading the morning meditation of Wade Taylor I remembered the reason the bird was released from my previous writing. There was a spiritual famine. The spiritual famine caused the release of the enormous bird which in turn caused the move of the soldiers. There was no sound in this dream except the uniform footsteps of the soldiers as they exited the “elevator”.

I am sharing all of this mainly because those are my “orders” but also to show one example of exactly how methodical our Lord is and how He knows us more than we think we know ourselves. He knows what will trigger us to seek what He desires us to seek in order to become what He created us to be.

We have connections from 1995-1996 and 2009. It is now 2019. Points are still being connected from different spaces of time. One of my biggest flaws is impatience. Ya think God’s trying to show me something? I can be a slow learner at times and other times I pick up quick. Life. He is showing me patterns as well as many other lessons I have had a difficult time understanding. The biggest lesson is to not doubt His voice when I know that I know it is Him. This requires understanding how He speaks to me. Bumblebee [Transformers character] isn’t the only being that speaks through the radio (hehehehehe)!!! Music is one of the primary ways Holy Spirit communicates with me (through many genres of music). This following song is no exception. It was through listening to this song that these first few links within the “Desert” were created.

Before moving on there is just one last thing to speak here: “People get ready”.

Alicia R. Shipe

What are your thoughts?

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