Not One More

As today marks two weeks since the tragedy in Parkland, FL, I will not do my usual word. I have decided instead to list every single victim in a K-12 school shooting starting with the Columbine shootings in 1999. The bulk of the information here comes from and the list given on television by Shepard Smith of FoxNews. The perpetrators of these shootings are not listed or counted among the victims in this list. Yes, I do pray for their families and loved ones because that is how God would want it as well as a solution to stop another of these from happening. This list does not include any of the other mass shootings in the United States of America from before 1999 or after yet they are not forgotten. #NotOneMore

Colorado High (CO) 04-20-1999
Cassie Bernall-17 Steve Curnow-14 Corey DePooter-17
Kelly Fleming-16 Matt Kechter-16 Daniel Mauser-15
Daniel Rohrbough-15 Rachel Scott-17 Isaiah Shoels-18
John Tomlin-16 Lauren Townsend-18 Kyle Velasquez-16
Coach Dave Sanders-47

Deming High (NM) 11-20-1999
Araceli Tena-13

Buell Elementary (MI) 02-29-2000
Kayla Rolland-6

Lake Worth Middle (FL) 05-26-2000
Teacher Barry Grunrow-35

Santana High (CA) 03-05-2001
Bryan Zuckor-14 Randy Gordon-17

Red Lion Area Junior High (PA) 04-24-2003
Principal Eugene Segro-51

Ricori High (MN) 09-24-2003
Seth Bartell-15 Aaron Rollins-17

Red Lake High (MN) 03-21-2005
Security Guard Derrick Brun-28 Alicia White-15
Teacher Neva Rogers-62 Thurlene Stillday-15
Chanelle Rosebear-15 Chase Lussier-15 Dewayne Lewis-15

Campbell County High (TN) 11-08-2005
Assistant Principal Ken Bruce-48

Essex Elementary (VT) 08-25-2006
Teacher Mary Alicia Shanks-56

Weston High (WI) 09-29-2006
Principal John Klang-49

West Nickel Mines (PA) 10-02-2006
Naomi Ebersol-7 Marian Fisher-13 Anna Stoltzfus-12
Lena Miller-8 Mary Miller-7

Millard South High (NE) 01-05-2011
Assistant Principal Vicki Kaspar-58

Chardon High (OH) 02-27-2012
Daniel Parmertor-16 Russell King, Jr.-17 Demetrius Hewlin-16

Sandy Hook Elementary (CT) 12-14-2012
Teacher’s Aide Rachel D’Avino-29 Principal Dawn Hochsprung-47
Teacher’s Aide Anne Murphy-52
Teacher Lauren Rousseau-30
School Psychologist Mary Sherlach-56 Teacher Victoria Soto-27
Charlotte Bacon-6 Daniel Barden-7 Olivia Engel-6
Josephine Gay-7 Dylan Hockley-6 Madeleine Hsu-6
Catherine Hubbard-6 Chase Kowalski-7 Jesse Lewis-6
Ana Marquez-Greene-6 James Mattioli-6 Grace McDonnell-7
Emilie Parker-6 Jack Pinto-6 Noah Pozner-6
Caroline Preuidi-6 Jessica Rekos-6 Avielle Richman-6
Benjamin Wheeler-6 Allison Wyatt-6

Sparks Middle (NV) 10-21-2013
Teacher Michael Landsberry-45

Arapahoe High (CO) 12-13-2013
Claire Davis-17

Reynolds High (OR) 06-10-2014
Emilio Hoffman-14

Marysville Pilchuck High (WA) 10-24-2014
Gia Soriano-14 Zoe Gallaso-14 Shaylee Chuckulnaskit-14

Independence High (AZ) 02-12-2016
May Kieu-15

Townville Elementary (SC) 09-28-2016
Jacob Hall-6

North Park Elementary (CA) 04-10-2017
Teacher Karen Smith-53 Jonathan Martinez-8

Freeman High (WA) 09-13-2017
Sam Strahan-15

Marshall County High (KY) 01-23-2018
Bailey Holt-15 Preston Cope-15

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High (FL) 02-14-2018
Teacher Scott Beigel-35
Security Guard/Assistant Coach Aaron Feis-37
Athletic Director Chris Hixon-49
Alyssa Alhadeff-14 Martin Duque-14 Nicholas Dworet-17
Jaime Guttenberg-14 Luke Hoyer-15 Cara Loughran-14
Gina Montalto-14 Joaquin Oliver-17 Alaina Petty-14
Meadow Pollack-18 Helena Ramsay-17 Alex Schachter-14
Carmen Schentrup-16 Peter Wang-15

96 victims

What are your thoughts?

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