Vesseled Fire Art Store: Pillows

Pillows, pillows, pillows. Who doesn’t like pillows? We have pillows using many of Alicia’s artwork as the designs. Many more are being added daily.

Glazed Cherries_Rectangular Pillow (20×12)

Come to the store and pick one that suits your personality. We have 18×18 square pillows and 20×12 rectangular pillows. While you are in the store, click the “contact” link and send us your thoughts or comments. Be blessed and happy shopping.

Vesseled Fire – Let your shine arise!

Vesseled Fire Art Store: New Look/New Products

Hello everyone. The Vesseled Fire Art Store has a new look to make it easier to navigate through the products. We felt it necessary to do this because in the near future there will be many more products added to the shop. We have also added a few new items in each of the currently available collections. Stop by and see if there is anything for yourself or someone you know. While you are there click on the contact link to give us your feedback. We can’t make our store better enjoyable without knowing what it is you are looking for. ┬áThank you and enjoy!


Welcome to My Store

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!!! I have been promising something new and exciting. Well…tada!!! I have opened a new store where you can purchase prints of my artwork. Soon, I will be making some of the originals available but not right at this moment. Come in, look around, and place your orders. I am still in the process of perfecting the store but you are more than welcome to place orders while I am making it the best it can be. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at There is a new link in this menu called “Vesseled Fire Store” or you can click the icon below and be sent directly there. There is also a “Shop Now” button on the Vesseled Fire Facebook page that will take you to the store ( Happy shopping!!! Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all!!

Vesseled Fire Store