Promotional Video (Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite)

View my promo vid under the sales tab in the menu for a republished edition of my book¬†Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite: One Account of God’s Grace. There are also links to purchase both of my books (described below) as well as one of my videos. Selah.

Living in the span of time we currently dwell isn’t easy; especially with all the data being thrown at us as well as data being ‘lost’. We are losing our identity moment by moment. Allow this book to take your thoughts on a journey through a portion of my persona. Here is a synopsis written by my publisher, Folio Ave. God bless them. I didn’t make it easy for them. Continue reading

September Eleventh

Hello readers. Today I wish to introduce you to something different (but not really) for me. This is a catalyst (or propulsion) of a deep transformation that has been taking place. I am hoping and praying I follow through with everything that has been planted by our Creator. If you are a praying individual, please, I deeply desire them to keep me on track. The atmosphere is shifting and Holy Spirit is telling each of us it is time to step it up. We are created to not only be inspired by the things of God and each other (which includes everything and anything but checks and balances with the Holy Trinity must be a part of the equation) but to also be inspiring to ourselves and others. So…