An Alliterative Allegory

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Gem 5
Digital Art: 8×10: ARS

An Alliterative Allegory: by Alicia R. Shipe
(completed 01/06/2016: Revised 02/18/2019)

Allegories attached assumingly as acrobatic affections
Before breaking bonds become beneficial benevolences
Catastrophe comes; ceasing common courtesy continually
Degrading decencies deter dreams; doubling doubts

Elegant efficiencies effortlessly evade enthralling enemies
Facing friction; friendly fire for frivolous finances
Go!; gallantly gaining gold, gradually; guarding gifts
Have hope; having harvesting hands heal Houses
IN-describable Islands inside individuals:
Identify impactful increase
Justifying Just Judgments
Joy journeys jauntily Jeweled

Keenly keeping Kingdom Keys: Known: kindling Kingship
Lavish Love Labored: Lending Life
LISTEN Lively!
Migrate meaningfully
Move Mountains Majestically
Never negate nativity (Notarized Nobility)
Obtained ON Oaks of Obedience

Peace; purposefully provided persistent Passion
Quenching quibbling quills; quoting quietly
Rebellious Reasonings
Run!; Repentantly; Receiving REST
Serve Sagaciously, Soldier, Seeing Sacrificed Savior
Speaking TRUTH
Threaded Through Time
Testifying Trans-parent Trans-Formations
Understand UNITY
Unite under Uni-versal usefulness
Vindicate Vision via vivacious Victory Won
When WE Waged War with Want
Xerox X-Rays
Xeno-phobia is xeric
Yield Yourself Zealously

“An Alliterative Allegory”:
lyrics and arrangement by Alicia R. Shipe
(arranged using MusicStudio for iPad Mini): January 06, 2016

Psalm 4



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