We Don’t Need Another Hero

February 18, 2019

Journal Entry: 01/12/2016

My heart is starting to hurt as I draw the outer court because of how far things are from the Holy of Holies. [Ezekiel’s vision]

Journal Entry: 01/13/2016

Because of my recent endeavors in doing a pencil sketch of the Lord’s Temple as described from Ezekiel’s vision, I asked the Lord to help me. I asked Him to please make it plain for me. I also asked to see it. This was before I went to bed. The moment I closed my eyes (which was about 30 minutes after this prayer), the Lord showed me something to help with a question I had. He also answered my request in seeing His physical Temple. We know that Jesus Christ Himself is our Temple and we are His. However, I am beginning to believe in God’s physical Temple (after the end) along with the metaphysical Temple.

Last night (actually this morning), I dreamed I was in New Jerusalem. Thinking back on the dream, I am thinking I was brought in by the North gates. Though I didn’t see myself do it, I must have been taken or walked up the stairs leading to the Temple entrance. There was no sound at all in this dream. It appeared to be nighttime in this dream. (I believe the Lord highlighted this to me to be indicative of the times we are currently living in).

I was standing on what I believe was the porch (or vestibule) of the Temple entrance. It was a very vast space. I saw nothing else around me except this area and the entrance to the Temple. The Temple entrance stood mightily before me and it’s height towered drastically far above my human stature. It was glowing with an orange-red color that I believe illuminated from the Lord Himself.

I have been inquiring of the Lord, for these past few years, to help me understand what His full call is for my life (my destiny); the job He has specifically for me in and after the Millennial age; my place in the corporate New Jerusalem. He may have shown me either the full answer or a partial answer in this dream.

When I was able to turn away from the magnanimous view of the Temple entrance, another structure was highlighted while still on the vestibule and with the Temple entrance still in view. What thoughts are on what this may have been I will keep to myself. I am not 100% on what I saw and I dare not exhibit any thoughts of considering myself deserving or great in anything. I merely write of this to remind myself that these places are available to see and God answers prayers (all of us forget at times).