MouNTaiN-LaKe ViSiON

Mountain-Lake Vision:

Yes to YHWH
Acrylic: 20×18: ARS

Journal Entry: Monday 02/04/2013 @ 0919

Went up for prayer yesterday and asked for confirmation of the things already dropped in my spirit and fresh revelation. Something was broken and something was lifted. I fell down under the Power of The Holy Spirit. Before that I felt like I was warring against something. Someone came behind me and placed their fingers in my ear then kept placing hands on my ears. As I am writing this I feel a tingle in both ears then a cooling sensation on my right earlobe.

I let go to allow Holy Spirit to do what He needed to do. As we were winding down, I saw the figure of the Lord, Jesus Christ, stand up in front of His Throne. He held His Scepter out for me to take it. I hesitated at first then I heard that it IS mine. I felt He was telling me to Know my Place in Him and that I am allowed and more importantly NeeD to take up My Authority in Him because it is My Right and duty as a Child of God. I grabbed The Staff from His Hand.

Last night, I saw a mountain on a lake and The Reflection in The LaKe. I’ve seen this a few times this week. I finally asked what it was (learning that I can fully participate in visions and dreams). The Holy Spirit told me it was My MouNTaiN. I need to walk across the LaKe to get to IT. The Lord Jesus was STaNDinG on ToP of it IN HIS Authoritative Position WITH STaFF out FRoNT WaiTiNG 4 Me. This TiME I wasn’t able to make it fully across the LaKe because of dis-tractions. I will try again while in my time with Him.

Also, yesterday my oldest son, Justin, told me that he kept seeing arrows whenever he blinked. This was when we were about to leave. Wherever he would look, this is what he saw:

< < <

He said it was like turbo from his video games. . . . 

My youngest son took 12 steps last night (02/13/2013). [Super Bowl Sunday: Beyonce performed I think]. Awesome! Hunter is about to be on the move.

Today, before soaking in the Lord’s Presence, I said that I wanted to know exactly what He wanted me to know at this moment. Well, I asked and it was given. As soon as I started the music and sat down, I went directly to the mountain and lake vision. The Lord was on top of the mountain but He was not in the reflection of the lake (just now realized). I was being called to join the Lord on top of the mountain but I had to walk across the lake. The Figure of Holy Spirit was assisting me across by holding my arm (gently). I didn’t know what was behind me. As I got to the middle of the lake, I started to wobble and I was told to just keep my eyes on the Lord. I saw the ripples my footsteps were making as I walked which made the reflection go away the closer I go to the other side. When I got to the other side, I heard the Lord ask me if I wanted to come up. I said yes. It was as if I zoomed up the stairs that appeared spiraling the mountain. I told Him this couldn’t b3e a real vision because I got to the top and [to] Him too quickly/easily. He then told me, “Know that I am with you” and that all things are simple with Him. So I stayed on the top of the mountain. He continued to show me things. He handed me His staff which multiplied in two this time and one was given to me. He was standing behind me holding the original. He told me to call up the waters from the lake. I was in shock and He again said, “Know that I am with you”. As I am writing this, I am being reminded that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. In the vision, I called up the waters which started to move and gush up in areas. Then I was directed to where I came from before the lake. It was the wilderness. Not completely desert sands because there was some vegetation. He told me if I call forth a spring (fountain) of water in that area it would appear. So I did and a fountain appeared. Then people appeared in that area. Their backs were turned to the lake thus they didn’t even see The Lord. They were picking at the little bit of vegetation growing. I asked The Lord who they were. He said they were people who have not yet heard the Call. By the way, when I first got on the Mountain, The Lord told me to stop hiding my face and pull my hair back.

Back to the vision. Then I saw some cross the lake. Some walked like I did, some came across in canoes, and some were carried by Angels. I asked what was going on. Then I noticed there were other mountains and The Lord was with us all on our individual mountaintops. He told me the lake was our faith. How we crossed the lake was how much faith was allotted to us for our purposes. Then, He and I came off the mountain because I wanted to sit in the lake. I don’t know why. I’m sitting in but on this lake. I still had a measure of disbelief that this vision is of The Lord so I sank. He rose me back up and told me that when something is not of Him I will feel like I can’t breathe.

At first, the mountain was like snowcapped mountains. Then it became like a plateau mountain because they seem more relaxing to me. The Lord and I sat down observing everything while I was asking and listening. He told me the vision I had of the eagle flying, then screeching, then resting on my shoulder is The Holy Spirit searching the land. The eagle screeching is the Call of The Lord and the eagle resting on my shoulder is Him (Holy Spirit) with me observing the loans for what I need to do by Him. I asked why that vision seemed more real to me than this one. Again, “Know that I am with you” but this time I also heard, “if anyone does not receive you they are not receiving Me”. With that I was able to go deeper with The Lord. I saw a tent appear on the wilderness side. 

“What is that Lord? Who are this people?”

“Those are the people that have been called but do not wish to go higher.”

As I looked beside them, a little bit away from them was a very skinny tall structure with a huge rock on top. I wanted this thing gone because it ruined the beauty of the land (even though it was deserty). The thing toppled over and the rock fell on top of it (didn’t feel I had to say or ask anything).

Then I saw the windmill again. This time, as the propellers were going I saw sound waves (which I have been seeing this week but not like this). My previous visions of sound waves were short but these were fully circular sound waves pulsating as the windmill was going.

“Lord, I know that to be an Angel but what is it’s purpose?”

“That Angel is calling up people to this place. He is communicating the things of God through the Winds of Change.”

Then I saw this huge place in the sky. I can only describe it as a palace. There was a road that led to the gates. As it got closer to the gate, it was more narrow than where it began and was even narrower at the door (entrance) to this palace. Some, that were on this road, voluntarily stepped off. All at different point along the road but they were helping to guide those still on (ushering them). Some were posted on the broad side of the road. Some were posted outside the gate, some inside the the gate, some along the more narrow side of the road, some at the entrance, and some right inside the entrance. The road (pathway) became so narrow outside leading into the entrance that everyone was single filed. Those posted inside the entrance were to make sure everyone there was supposed to be there. Once inside, I saw The Lord on His Throne with Angels and people directly behind Him. I didn’t see anyone sitting with Him. I was also behind Him. I again saw the windmill with the sound waves and heard in a loud voice:

“Jewels of the world, take your place”.

I was told to note the time. I didn’t want to look at the clock because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get back to this beautiful scene. I was told again. It was abut 1:00 pm when I heard the voice. When I finally stopped fighting and looked at the time it was exactly 1:03 pm so I figure about 1:00 when I heard the voice.

Somewhere between the Throne and The Voice, I asked about the Furnace Angel.

“That Angel calls forth those who have the truly ‘intense’ things of The Lord”.

I am sensing that these things are so fiery that they will only come after the ‘Winds of Change’. I asked about the shofars. I didn’t hear anything specific but saw the short shofar for all that turned to look at The Mountain to acknowledge that The Lord IS Who HE says He IS – I think Salvation [more than think now – KNOW AND UNDERSTAND TODAY].

After this, I asked The Lord to just sit with me. I saw this secret place for the first time this Saturday at ‘The Gate’ service during worship. It is a paradise with lots of big plants and flowers, soft grass, and a narrow waterfall. The Lord told me as I abide in Him more thusly Him in me more, the waterfall will grow. But for now to drink what is given. The more I drink the bigger this whole paradise will grow with trees and a bigger waterfall and expand out more. The figure of The Holy Spirit appeared and got in a canoe. I didn’t want to leave but it was time. I got into the canoe with Holy Spirit and we went to a place that was purely darkness. There was nothing.

“Why are we here?”

“This is the Abyss. There are some so lost they are here. They haven’t even made it to the wilderness.”

Then a structure grew (like an ice sculpture) that brought us back up in the canoe to the lake.

The last thing I saw was a tree but the trunk was a set of tied curtains that had a diamond shape opening. I know that when I sit under the shade of that tree, the curtain will open even more and more revelation will stream forth. Thought I heard ‘Elosha’ but think it was ‘Eleazar’ at the end. 

I forgot, as people approached The Throne, The Lord asked, “What is it you want”? I said, “to be with You”. That’s when I stepped behind The Throne. Others that answered similarly are the Ones that stepped behind The Throne.

fin ~@1552~

-Alicia R. Shipe-

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