The Body Series

Welcome to “The Body” series. In this series I plan to go through the natural/physical body as a parallel comparison to how The Body of Christ is designed to function.


Part 1: Skin (Covering)

Part 2: Movement with Strength (The Muscular System)

Part 3: These Bones (The Skeletal System)

The Arsenal of God

Part 4: Process of Elimination (The Digestive System)

Part 5: Breathe Deep (The Respiratory System)

”Stuck In The Middle With You”

Part 6: Be Fruitful… (The Reproductive System)

Part 7: I Have A Purpose

Internal Reflections

Part 8: He is the Tree, We are His Branches (The Nervous System)

Part 9 [Conclusion]: The Blood: It’s All About The Blood (The Circulatory System)

What are your thoughts?

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