Creativity is a part of us all. I am realizing whatever I create can be used to encourage and bless someone else. I am always blessed through the process of making something beautiful because it takes me to a place of serenity, unity, and joy. This entire website is a gift from Poppa God to me and in extension to you then back to Him with interest. It will continue to be filled with a magnitude of jewels pleasing to the Vision of God, sweet Manna to feed the soul, The Lamb to indulge the mind beyond, The Dove to help us soar higher and deeper into magnified Love, the River to quench us and flow with us in a private dance in The Garden, and much much more! The process and progress (*wink*) of creating is ever-growing and ever-changing yet also already complete. Since creativity is vast, infinite (but finite at the same time), detailed, and on going (yet “It is finished” also) I will constantly be adding new things.

-Alicia R. Shipe (ARS)-

Here is a glimpse! [The Israelite Encampment image with figures is from

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We Will Rise (His Glory Fills the Earth)