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Alicia is the main author for this site. Her hope for this site is that her God-given creative gifting inspires others to go to higher depths in creativity (we are made in His Image and He is the Ultimate Creative Genius), relationship, and understanding with the Holy Trinity as she works on growing day by day. Her prayer is that these higher depths help The Body of Christ come to a place of absolute trust in God The Father through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit! Her only desire is to be all God created her to be. She desires to see the Body of Christ take, know, and understand our place in Him so we can live it now into eternity.

Alicia has many titles including wife and mother. She maintains the home as allowed by God and, along with her husband and their sons, is always seeking Truth. Her only desire is to intimately know the God-Head and continue to know, grow, and come to understand who He created her to be through Him, by Him, with Him, and for Him.