Alicia has overcome adversities since birth. She was legally dead for 2.5 minutes after birth and was brought back to life. She was paralyzed on one half of her body for her entire first year. The doctors told her mother she would never walk, would be below five feet tall, be of low intelligence, and would never have children. Alicia began walking shortly after turning one by the grace of God and the determination of her mother and father. She stands at 5’5″, has tested all her life at slightly above average intelligence, and has two wonderful, healthy boys with uncomplicated pregnancies.

She has overcome severe depression and anxiety in her young adult years. She turned her heart to the Lord in 2006 after spending many years combatting and ridiculing Christian principles.  She is now a passionate soldier for Christ. She now understands her gifts are from God alone for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. All of her work is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Her art is an expression of her constant growing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alicia’s hope is that her creative gifting inspires others to go to higher depths in creativity, relationship, and understanding to be fully set free from the bondages of this world. Her prayer is that these higher depths help others to know and believe that God is Love! Her only desire is that everyone comes to the knowledge and understanding of how much God loves them regardless of what they have done. She wants to see the Body of Christ take, know, and understand that we are the Bride of Jesus Christ and children of God endued with a rich inheritance and Kingdom.

Currently, Alicia raises her two boys with her husband and maintains the home as allowed by God always teaching her boys Truth. She also writes the Wednesday Words for gatheringathisfeet.org as well as allowing herself to be used by God in any and every way. She continues to grow in her gifts and talents in hopes to reach people globally.