Hebrew Alphabet artwork book available

Hello readers:

I have created a book with my artwork based on my understanding at this time of the Hebrew alphabet. My sources vary but the knowledge gained is still being processed. I urge each of us to learn the language of God to help us increase our relationship with God Almighty and learn more of Who HE Is.

The link for the book is located in the menu under the “Sales” tab. Thank you, personally, to each and every one of you who have ever and continue to support my vision.

~Alicia R. Shipe~

Boldness and Humility Prophecy

Today: 03/01/2019

Electric Cries
Media: Digital Art
ARS: 11 x 14

Boldness” Prophetic Word

During worship on February 18, 2017 at an Antioch Fellowship home church group hosted by Gina and Larry Cobb, Holy Spirit shared a prophetic word with me. He told me there would be a new season of boldness in God’s people but this type of boldness would come through the Spirit of Humility.

As soon as He shared this word with me, He gave me multiple visions that go with this word.

The first vision or picture was a triangle that was in flames around its borders. I immediately knew this was the Bermuda Triangle. When I shared this word and these visions with the group, I thought another name for the Bermuda Triangle was “Devil’s Snare”. When I got home I researched this and the other name is actually “Devil’s Triangle”. 

The second vision I saw was the enflamed triangle becoming hollow like a sink hole. Layer after layer of dirt from the top to the bottom was being eliminated (it appeared each layer was being punched out) until all I saw was something like an abyss at the bottom. Third, I saw an explosion blast from the hollowness inside the enflamed triangle.

The following vision after the triangle section was of multiple 6-gallon jugs in the sky pouring out oil onto the nations of the world. They were clay jugs like ones I have seen that people suggest were used at the wedding at Cana that held the water Jesus turned into wine. The final vision was a massive typhoon or tsunami type wave of oil covering the land. It was so huge and I kept hearing in my spirit that it would be unstoppable.

The initial summary of all this is that with this new boldness that comes from the Spirit of Humility, the things of the enemy will be completely annihilated and burned. God’s oil will flow forth as never before that the wave of His oil will be unstoppable. I use future tense but it is all a matter of perspective and what we believe. If we truly believe what will be already is and already has been, then we can say everything in this word has already been done and by faith we can begin to walk it out. The most important thing of this word is how the new season of boldness comes through the Spirit of Humility. All the images came after Holy Spirit shared the word.

I don’t dare speculate anything else at this time as to the meanings of these. With prayer, I believe God will reveal the fullness of this word and these visions. I believe it is a progressive word that will continue to unfold. Let us agree together in one voice and with one sound that God’s purpose in this will be fully manifested through His people in His timing.

-Alicia R. Shipe-

The Vehicle of TRUTH

January 21, 2019

(Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observed)

“The Bride (Tried by Fire and Bound by God’s Love)”-Alicia R. Shipe

One thing I have always known but never understood how I knew it is: The Word of God does the cleaning, atoning, transforming, renewing, and every other transfiguration that occurs in, of, through, and under this world from the inside out and back around again (whatever that means to you). Every little detail of the Bible is available for review by any man, woman, or child to be tested and either denied, accepted, and/or activated. There are some who are unable to even contemplate the written word of God let alone find a safe place to hear it. GOD knows, Child. God knows. Some honestly don’t care. Who are we to tell them “You must do this and that!!”. God wants us to make our choices based on our free will not by what someone else thinks should happen. (Hey, writing that out was easier than I thought it would be). All of us, at one point or another, think we are God and think we understand more than we actually even know. [#Truth] Been there; done that. Continue reading