Vesseled Fire Art Store: Pillows

Pillows, pillows, pillows. Who doesn’t like pillows? We have pillows using many of Alicia’s artwork as the designs. Many more are being added daily.

Glazed Cherries_Rectangular Pillow (20×12)

Come to the store and pick one that suits your personality. We have 18×18 square pillows and 20×12 rectangular pillows. While you are in the store, click the “contact” link and send us your thoughts or comments. Be blessed and happy shopping.

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One Small Step

Wednesday Word: August 16, 2017

One Small Step

With the emotional climate being as it is in America right now, I found it difficult to know what to write about this week. I love what Holy Spirit gave Gina on Monday and Rachael on Tuesday. It is very important to pray and turn to God when we know we are overwhelmed by events and our emotions. Sometimes, actually too often, I forget this. It is becoming less and less that I forget but I still too often allow my emotions to be in control. What I have today is a look back at the beginning when I started to seek the Lord fervently. It was in 2009. My prayers to our Lord aren’t always verbal. I pray to Him in various ways. I pray through writing, through creating pieces of art, and through writing/making music (just to name a few). Holy Spirit, knowing this (long before I did), commissioned me at the end of 2008 to write a book. The title is Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite: One Account of God’s Grace. Through the experience of writing this book, which took a total of three years to complete it and have it published, I became closer to God and His Word. I will leave you with three excerpts from this book which I believe are very relevant to the times we are living in. I am going to write them here in the order they appear in the book. Remember, we are ambassadors to the earth from Heaven. I know I have work to do. I pray we all come to fully understand our true identity and claim only that which we are created to have. Continue reading