Shattered By Time

Shattered By Time written: May 20, 2018 by Alicia R. Shipe

“Youth & Wonder”: Colored Pencils: Alicia R. Shipe (ARS)

As the months were unlawfully shredded by the unnatural time of days, so the vision of the world began to be shattered. As the days were unnaturally overpowered by the hours, minutes, and seconds, so then did moments begin to be scarce. The unnatural time began to grow like an untamed vine into the hearts and minds of the people. So much so that the balance of the natural began to become unbalanced.

This unnatural time had no concept beyond itself. It was created for many reasons but none more powerful than to enslave the minds and emotions of the people so that they would come to serve only the unnatural time. It did not concern itself with the natural balance and order of things. Soon, neither did the people.

The unnatural time forgot to take one thing into consideration: the original programming of the natural. See, the core of the natural programming is to re-establish balance when the scales become tipped beyond a certain point in either direction. The people forgot they were originally part of that programming. The people forgot because they too fell under the curse that the unnatural time suffers from; not being able to see beyond themselves. The people came to and continue to believe that there is not enough time to do things. So, unnatural time continued to grow in its power over the people. Through this unconscious and dangerous union between the people and the unnatural time, the natural began to reboot to its original programming and devastating yet wondrous consequences began to occur.

Sound Bloom: Digital Art: 16×18: Alicia R. Shipe

[I’m not a professional but you can still gather the message.]