Love Poured Out
Crayons: 11×14: ARS

This page includes music I have been given in worship to our King from our King. I am, at most, minimally trained musically and vocally just as I am in the visual arts. The only things I am extremely sure of is my passion for creativity and my passion for The Holy One. My belief includes His Life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and everything else He has done, is doing, and will do. My belief includes God the Father, God the Son made flesh who is Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. My belief is that we are all creative because we were made in His image and He is The Ultimate Creator (our creativities are shown in eternal forms).

With that said, please do not allow my limited musical and vocal training deter you from the messages and experiences of these songs. -Alicia R. Shipe (ARS)-

Come To Me

All music, compositions, and lyrics are the sole property (as given and inspired by God Almighty) of Alicia R. Shipe. They may not be reproduced without my written consent. They are available for your listening pleasure and inspiration only.  ARS

What are your thoughts?

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