Naturally Made

After The Rain 06: Photo Art by Alicia R. Shipe

Hello readers. This is yet another journey I am taking in my life. This journey (which hopefully you will follow along with and start your own) is about balance. This balance will be from living a more natural (or less-toxic) lifestyle in my home environment.

CAUTION: I am not a medical professional. The information on this site is not intended to be used as medical advice, to diagnose any issues, or to cure any ailments you may have. It is for informational purposes only. Please speak with your healthcare provider before changing any part of your lifestyle (especially if you have a chronic illness, are taking medications, if you have children, or are pregnant/breastfeeding). As with anything new we introduce to our bodies: slow and low is key. Introduce new things slowly and in lower doses to begin with to see how you may react to them. 

Let the journey begin.

Naturally Made Introduction

Gather Only What You Need



What are your thoughts?

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