My First-Ever DIY Air Cleanser Spray

Lover of Your Presence
Mixed Media: 12×9: ARS

This recipe is still being tweaked but here is what I started with. I googled multiple recipes and just came up with my own based on similar ingredients I kept seeing.  Experiment with this recipe and do your research regarding essential oils.

1/2 c. water (filtered in some way probably best-such as bottled or boiled then cooled)
1/2 witch hazel (most recipes call for rubbing alcohol or vodka to dry the droplets/mist quicker-I wanted to use an alternative)
20 lavender oil
15 drops orange oil

1) Pour water and witch hazel in the spray bottle you will be using.

2) Add the essential oils.

3) Shake the bottle to be sure all ingredients mix well.

4) Spray in any or every room and enjoy the sweet vibes.

It’s that simple. Bottle must be shaken before each use.

Alicia R. Shipe

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