Sound Off

Thursday: April 15, 2021

The Truth is not ready to be sounded. To be sound (mindful-sight,sound,taste,smell,touch) is to have the opportunity (grace, meeting). To have the opportunity (knowing) is to be prepared (semblance of understanding). To be prepared (ready AND willing)[Militia] is to be in proper attire (aware, around, available-incl. emotionally). To be in proper attire is to be plain in vision and thought (with ‘Helps’).

How is your ‘hearing(s)’ in operation? Wanting, needing (kneading, knee deep), keeping, or seeking?

“The alarms are firing. Drums please.”

[Mt. Carmel-Elijah: burned or drenched/drowned by fire, water, or ig’norance?]

~Alicia Renee Polston-Shipe~