Once You See The Pattern; Walk In Purpose

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Once You See The Pattern; Walk In Purpose
January 01, 2019

Patterns are everywhere. We live by them even when we can’t recognize them or they’ve become such a familiar that we no longer see the glory and beauty they truly possess. Some patterns are more complex than others. Some are so simple that we can’t believe it so we don’t. What makes any one of us different than any great leader of any genre of the past or present? They began to walk in their purpose and some came to understand in part what their purpose is (tense changes are intentional). They reflected, asked the hard questions, sought out the answers, and began to see. Once we see, we can move without hindrance (only bonded to the Creator of all things including every heart). Some stars burn out because they made a choice to not wait for the answer. Some of the answers take a lot longer to be answered because we have to access those parts of our spirit, soul, heart, and mind to gain the understanding we need. That access comes through the journey. What is the journey? Loving ONLY God and fearing ONLY God (obedience). God is the One Who does it all through Jesus the Christ by Holy Spirit. How many times is it written “I The Lord do these things”? We often put ourselves in the place of God and try to re-write what He has already spoken, written, and executed (I know I have). No one can re-invent the wheel. In His infinite Wisdom, God Almighty has left us the original blueprint to “the wheel” {like…umm…in Ezekiel 1…just as an example} so we can find the purpose in each part and ask for His Wisdom on how to be innovative with the “technology” He has given. [Clear enough?]

The creation of the world is a pattern. The construction of Noah’s Ark is a pattern. The time frames of every situation within every generation is a pattern. The physiology and anatomy of our bodies is a pattern created with and for specific purposes. The functions of our natural bodies is a pattern for our spiritual body and THE Body. The disciples scattering and fleeing after Jesus’ arrest is a pattern (a good example of dealing with a church split…too much is happening in The Body). Patterns get repeated in various and a multitude of ways. Once you see the pattern you can begin to walk in purpose. Once you begin to walk in and on purpose (like Peter on the water with Jesus), you can begin to find your missed-takes and allow Holy Spirit to correct them. Once the correction is received and applied, a new level of freedom is established by the foundation of Truth. The foundation will either stand or crumble through the storms (those storms also have a pattern for purpose) and through the shaking and shifting of the wheat and tares.

This is a year of understanding. More specifically it is a year of understanding righteousness. We are also still in the season of the turn around. As we move forward, there are times we have to stop and rest to reflect on where we have been; to reflect on how The Lord has helped us make our crooked ways straight as we prepare the way by His design. As we reflect, we will begin to see patterns. Wherever the Lord starts you is where He chooses to start you. Wherever the Lord sends you is where He chooses to send you. Wherever the Lord calls you is where He chooses to call you. No person can take away what the Lord has set forth. It will happen but we have to believe and operate accordingly. As others will judge, the question is who do we trust? Do we trust in man’s judgment, knowledge, and ability or in God’s? God’s Word will always do what it is intended to do. We either believe that or we don’t. Happy 2019. It is not lost on me that we are almost upon the centennial of “The Roaring [19]20s”: patterns (Yes I watch a lot of documentaries).

-Alicia R. Shipe-

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